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R.I.P Elijah Skye Nelson, aka ELF, Wizard, Wiz, Poison Wizard & Poison Whiskers

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Elijah Skye Nelson, aka ELF, the Wizard, and the Poison Wizard, was born at home in Encinitas, California, December 14,1979. He passed away suddenly at home in Seattle, Saturday, December 28, at the age of 40. 


Elijah grew up in Encinitas, California, Branson, Missouri, and Port Townsend, Washington. As an adult he lived in Bellingham and Seattle, Washington. 


Elijah was the kindest soul. Many who got to know him describe him as “one of the all time greatest people I’ve ever met” and “one of the kindest human beings to ever walk this Earth”. As one friend put it, “He was a one of a kind bad ass shredder of life”.  Another friend referred to him as the “Mister Rogers of Death Metal”.  


Elijah had a unique way of being that made the people around him feel comfortable and loved. He was gentle, sweet, and welcoming,  and expressed genuine interest and caring for every person that he encountered. He was always quick to give a wholehearted smile, hug and a listening ear, share a story and a laugh. His attitude was positive and cheerful, just two of the many qualities that made him fun and easy to be around. He had a beautiful heart.


He worked at Everyday Music and Add-a-Ball Amusements Bar & Arcade. Music, pinball, friends, and family were Elijah’s life. He was also a skilled artist, talented skateboarder, and an exceptional musician. His contagious love of pinball formed a pinball community around him. He always treated his opponents well and offered pinball advice to others. 


Over the years Elijah played music with many. He was a bassist with the Incognito Traveling Circus Band, Lago Volunteers, Gorest, Ripping Servant, Wizards of Wor, and Black Breath. With Black Breath, he toured the country and the world. 


He was a Seattle icon, who, even if you didn't know him, you could spot him walking around Capitol Hill, Belltown, or Fremont, as he towered over other folks with his long flowing red hair, and his poised and chill demeanor. He knew all the street folks and made them feel like humans - many folks who were shunned by society due to struggles with psychological pains - he knew them by name, and had interesting stories about their backgrounds because he listened to them and gave them a voice and an opportunity to be human. He treated folks with the decency and respect that they deserve no matter what. 


Although he was well known and often recognized around Seattle, he remained humble and genuine, which he always was, to his core.  He never acted jaded or too cool for anyone or anything. 

The world is a better place because Elijah existed. He is, and forever will be, greatly and deeply missed.


Elijah is preceded in death by his beloved uncle Doug Nelson, and grandparents Neal & Bertha Nelson and Larelda Stutsman. Elijah is survived by his father and stepmother Gary & Karen Nelson, his mother Kathleen Keera Calahan, aunts and uncles Ann Marie Nelson & Sambe Duale, Chuck & Lynne Nelson, Marty Heim, Lynn Nelson, siblings Joshua Nelson, Heather Nelson Carpenter, Erin Nelson-Hapgood, half sisters Shanie Rusth, Melissa Theriault, and Jenifer Palmer, stepsisters Pilar Johnson and Larissa Spafford, numerous nieces, nephews, cousins, extended family, and many members of his pinball and music families. 


A celebration of Elijah’s life will be held at 1 pm Saturday, January 11 at The American Legion Hall. 209 Monroe Street, Port Townsend, WA. All are welcome. 

Pictures from the Port Townsend Memorial
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