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The Effervescent Collection

Back in March I started making these implosion beads. It was super fun learning a new technique. I had made implosion pendants off mandrel before, but making implosion beads on a mandrel was a new challenge. I played around with the technique and color combos until I came up with a favorite.

This color and design was the winner. I created a new collection of jewelry featuring it that I'm very happy with. The vibrant colors really stand out and I'm loving the intriguing design. I'm calling this collection Effervescent. Although I didn't intend it, this design reminds me of one of my all time favorite things. Swimming in this waterfall pool!!!!

These beads remind me of the feeling of swimming underwater in the place where the waterfall meets the pool below. It's super refreshing and invigorating.

Watch this video to see how the implosion beads are made....

The finished earrings and necklaces from the Effervescent collection are available here. They're all limited edition, so if you'd like something to be yours, don't wait too long. I won't be making any more just like them.


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