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A New Series, Implosion Pendants

I've fallen completely in love with making these pendants! Specifically, it's a technique called an implosion that I'm loving. For it to be successful, the glass has to be heated enough to flow just right, then cooled off at the perfect moment so the design can crystalize before it's ruined. Sometime soonish I'll share a video of how it's done.

These two pendant styles, both in shades of blues and greens with a touch of periwinkle, are the first of hopefully more to come. I intend to continue exploring what I can do with this technique and am excited to explore the color combo and design possibilities!

A pendant is the perfect receptacle for this technique because the size isn't as limiting as a tiny earring size bead would be. For this particular design and color combo, each one has eight layers of carefully placed transparent and opaque dots and two layers of bubbles. When they're all melted together they form an intriguing design that has so many of the things I love about glass: color that seems to glow, transparency, depth, bubbles and a subtle touch of sparkle in the light.

A while back I made the decision to make all my work limited edition. It's been a great choice that keeps my creativity flowing and challenges me to continuously learn and try new things. Previously it was too easy to make the best sellers over and over and fall into a rut of repetition and spend less time coming up with new things. Even after 20 plus years as a glass bead maker, I still feel like there's so many designs yet to be made.

I'm excited to show you these two new pendant styles! They're available here.


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