Gallery of Glass Beads & Handmade Jewelry

Resilient Necklace
Rainbow dots and circle pendants
Rainbow and silver earrings
Serenity Earrings
Spring Pendant
Lovely Bloom Necklaces
Colorful Circle Necklace
Colorful Circle Necklaces
Luminous Cube Earrings
Luminous Cube and Accent Beads
Garden Series Pendant
Water Droplet Beads
Water Beads
Water Necklace
Water Droplet Circle Earrings
Cluster Earrings in Watermelon
Asymmetric Earrings
Lentil Shaped Focal Beads & Accents
Valentine Heart Beads
Hand stamped heart bead
Live Love Laugh handstamped bead
Silver Aqua Hand Stamped Bead
Swirl Bead in Aqua Blue
Lovely Bloom Earrings
Sparkle Earrings
Sparkle Beads
Sparkle Necklace
Large hole beads in various designs.
Circle Earrings
Lovely Bloom Necklace
Circle Necklace
ID Badge Necklace
Large Hole Beads in various designs
Cascade Earrings
Swirl & Dot Pendant
Swirl & Dot Ring
Stripe Earrings
Various Rings
Icicle Necklace
Rainbow Stripe and Flower Necklace
Sprout Bead
Zipper Pull in Santa Fe
Asymmetric Earrings
Large Hole Beads in Various Designs.
Zipper Pull